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Back in 2013, Rooster Punk had a vision for B2B marketing that was beyond talking about speeds and feeds and beyond the obsession with short-term lead generation.

A vision that put customers and employees first and used emotion and storytelling as a way to build meaning and relevance. 

We wanted to help brands ‘create’ customers that bought into their story, rather than competing in an arms race of factory-line content and martech chasing ‘leads’ to feed the demand-gen machine and that’s why b2b creative agencies guide

It set us off on a path to create the world’s most admired, creative-led, B2B storytelling agency. Back then hope, ambition and belief drove the agency forward. We soon realised that most B2B marketers were not ready for this more human and emotional approach and we stood by as the industry continued to obsess with incremental gains delivered by technology and tactical techniques, rather than rethinking their approach to making brands relevant at an emotional level.

A punk A B2B creative agency

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